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Carbon accounting

Clearer, Cost-effective carbon accounting

Understanding your company's environmental impact is critical, yet measuring it can be challenging. That's where Tweak steps in – we provide a streamlined and efficient carbon accounting solution saving you time and money.

Why does carbon accounting matter?

The new business reality

Ensures businesses meet governmental and international emission standards.

Strategic Importance

Pinpoint reduction opportunities, mitigate risks, and streamline costs.

Improved eco-reputation

Demonstrates environmental commitment, enhancing brand reputation.

Explore our climate solutions


Transform your financial transactions into real-time carbon emissions data with Tweak. Easily categorise your spending as direct or indirect emissions using customisable rules.


Monitor monthly metrics, establish reduction targets, and offset your footprint. It's a comprehensive solution for cost-effective carbon tracking and effective sustainability management.


Generate detailed scope-based reports for regulatory compliance.

scope 3 of products
Carbon Accounting & Sustainability As A Service

Tweak empowers retailers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint associated with their shelf products. Armed with this knowledge, retailers can implement impactful changes that benefit the environment, their financial performance, and key stakeholders

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scope 3 of investments
Assess the carbon footprint of your Lending

For many banks, the emissions generated from lending money to their clients surpass their own operational emissions by over 10X the amount. As a results, it’s imperative for banks to aid their clients in quantifying their carbon emissions.

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Employee Lifestyle Quiz

A 7-minute quiz that kickstarts discussions on sustainable practices with your employees and provides valuable data for your scope 3 ESG reporting

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How this helps your business

Cost-Effective Sustainability

Tweak offers an economical entry into sustainability, allowing businesses to measure their carbon footprint without significant costs.


Tweak streamlines carbon accounting, saving valuable time and effort for your team by automating processes and simplifying data handling.

backed by science

Our carbon accounting methodology is supported by Exiobase a leading spend-based emissions database guaranteeing transparency and accuracy in our data to enhance your sustainability initiatives.

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