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Harness greater value from your sustainability initiatives
Optimise the way your business measures and promotes footprint reduction
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Sustainability Simplified & equitable

Tweak automates your business's carbon accounting with minimal input required, ensuring that your path to emission reduction is not only effortless but also rewarding for your company

There’s value in being sustainable.



Higher return on investment than companies who don't disclose their environmental data

Source: The Guardian



of consumers are loyal to companies transparent about their environmental and social impact.

Source: Forbes



of business leaders say that sustainability helped their organisation optimise and reduce costs.

Source: Gartner



of employees who work for organisations with “leading” sustainability programs rarely consider switching jobs.

Source: Deloitte

Effortless Carbon Accounting based on Rand or KG amounts

Scope 1 & 2
Link your business bank account to track emissions in real-time. Categorise transactions by spending and emission types for a complete view of your organisation's footprint.
Scope 3
Scope 3 emissions are the bulk of many companies' carbon footprints but often go unreported. Tweak effortlessly converts any Rand or KG amount to CO2e, streamlining your Scope 3 calculations.

We align carbon footprint reduction with benefits for your people

As your people reduce emissions through behaviour change or adopting renewable energy, we generate carbon credits. You can purchase these credits to offset your emissions and reach your net-zero targets.
This approach enables you to combine environmental impact with tangible benefits for your business and stakeholders, showcasing the powerful synergy between sustainability and success.

Our carbon accounting is backed by science

Find out more about our methodology and how we produce transparent data
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A Climate solution for everyone

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Sustainability tools for your clients & employees

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Quantify & Reduce your shelf product emissions

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